Award-Winning AI-Powered CRM Built for Agents and their Teams

The automation system that makes your life easier!

  • Use AgentAI to replace yourself in your business where you’re not needed: scheduling appointments, answering common questions and responding to social media messages

  • Giving you with all the tools you need to grow your business through personalized marketing touches, ultimately driving more sales and increasing your revenue.

  • Set you up with cross-sells, upsells and referral systems that are used by some of the most successful agents in the country - available instantly in your account!

Free Trial + Free Support. No Money Due Today

Free Trial + Free Migration + Free Support. No Money Due Today


Used by 10,000+ Agents Since 2020

Call Us - (530) 424-8288


Used by 10,000+ Agents Since 2020

Call Us - (530) 424-8288

Increase of referrals

"With the increase of referrals from your 'Thank You for Business campaign', I have paid for your software for the next two years - THANK YOU!" - Rob Stecky

Auto effective marketing

I've been using Agent CRM for almost 3 years now. It's the best for everything. Communication, marketing, automation... you name it. - Justin O’Dell

We were missing out

I’m so excited about Agent CRM! My husband and I are pretty low tech. I can’t believe how much we were missing out on! - Sarah Copeland


Agent CRM Is Your All-In-One Sales and Marketing Platform

All of these tools are included with your account!


Train your own AI-powered assistant that automates lead follow-up and customer communication for you.

Funnel Library + Builder

You have NO LIMITS to the number of funnels you can build - and we’ve made it easy to get started with a library of 100s of funnels ready to use!

Pre-Built Automations

Train your own AI-powered assistant that automates lead follow-up and customer communication for you.

Integrates with Everyone

We play nicely with other CRMs, lead vendors, marketing platforms and social media websites. Our Zapier app gives you even more possibilities!

Unbeaten Speed-to-Lead

Receive instant phone calls from Agent CRM when new leads are identified, allowing for immediate response. Our automations will text, email and even DM your new leads.

Complete Phone System

Boost outbound calling productivity with a power dialer that enables quick and efficient communication. Get A2P verified with our help, then text and call your customers from one platform

Data Organization Tools

Efficiently organize your contacts with customizable smart lists, using precise segmentation and filtering based on specific criteria.

Email Marketing Tools

Launch email campaigns with tracking and analytics to measure success. Our templates are shortcuts to “Wow” emails that get opened

Reputation Management

Monitor and manage your business's online reputation with tools for collecting reviews and addressing feedback.

Social Media Marketing

Use our highly-trained AI content generator to write GREAT social media posts for you, and generate the graphics to go with it! Schedule posts on all social media platforms from our tool, even you reels!

24/7 Support

We support you with 24/7 live chat, email assistance, and even the chance to talk to us directly by phone—plus, join our vibrant Facebook group and hop on daily live Zoom calls for expert advice and real-time answers!

We’ll Build it For You

Unlock the full potential of Agent CRM with our expert team, ready to build custom automations and funnels tailored to your business needs—an add-on service that takes care of the heavy lifting for you.

Real People. Real Results.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Agent CRM

Take Your Business To The Next Level

"Agent CRM Is The Tool That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level. We Use It & We Love It."


Arturo Johnson

Coach and Consultant

Most Valuable Tool

“Agent CRM is the most valuable tool that an agent can have. It is like a hammer to a carpenter. The best tool out there is Agent CRM!"


Luis Moreno

Insurance Agent

Choose Agent CRM Over Other Platforms

“I wanted to highlight Agent CRM because of their great support options. You'll discover a huge benefit of using Agent CRM over other ones that are out there!”


David Duford

Agency Owner

Increase productivity immediately

“This is no doubt the best tech tool for agents to increase productivity and efficiency immediately!"


Cody Askins

Entrepreneur and Speaker

How Agent CRM Works


COMPLETE PHONE SYSTEM: Includes comprehensive tools like SMS marketing, power dialer, automated voicemail, hot transfer, and 3-way calling to enhance communication efficiency.

EASY A2P VERIFICATION: We have simplified A2P verification and compliance, ensuring smooth and secure text message delivery. We set this up with you, if you need help, at no cost. 

COMPLETE CONTACT VISIBILITY: Our Contact Detail screen provides full transparency and access to all contact interactions and data, setting you up for better conversions and relationship management.

Agent AI

WHAT IS AGENTAI? The highly anticipated AI-powered "run your business" tool to help you fill your calendar and maximize your productivity - using your own "GPT" engine! 

CALENDLY 2.0: AgentAI uses natural human language to communicate, and reads your calendar in real-time to propose appointment times to your prospect. Once confirmed, the appointment is saved. No need for double-entry and we avoid human error!  

NOT TECH SAVVY? That's ok we've trained an AI engine for you, you just need to turn it on! Connect your calendar, point your AgentAI bot to a website so it learns automatically, and then it’s ready to work for you! 


BULK EMAIL CAMPAIGNS: Our robust mass email campaign tool allows you to reach thousands of potential clients in minutes, saving you valuable time and maximizing your earning potential. Newsletters, holiday campaigns, and invitations to webinars… all handled by Agent CRM.

ACTION-BASED EMAILS: Automate your follow-ups and nurture leads with precision through action-based emails, ensuring no opportunity slips through the cracks and converting more prospects into appointments, all while freeing up your schedule for high-value tasks.

DELIVERABILITY: Make sure your emails get to your prospects' inboxes with our deliverability enhancements, helping more people see your messages. Your email marketing is only as effective as your deliverability.


FORTUNE IN THE FOLLOW UP: The more you stay in front of your prospects, the better chances you have of earning their business. Our pre-built marketing campaigns will help you stay in front of your prospects using email, text messages, and more.

WORKFLOWS THAT CASH FLOW: Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a sales and marketing platform that didn’t just focus on the ‘marketing’ side, but also helped set you up with more SALES? Our cross-sell and upsell automations help you increase your sales-per-client!

SALES PIPELINES: At a glance, you can see what leads you have in your pipeline and where they are in the process. At the end of the month, you can get laser focused on the prospects teetering on the edge instead of randomly calling prospects hoping to close deals.


REVIVE DEAD LEADS: Our famous “Revive Dead Leads” campaign is a complete marketing campaign to re-engage your old leads. Copied often, but our copy-and-paste strategy is ready for you to use as soon you start your free trial!

DRAG, DROP, DONE! We built Agent CRM to be easy to use, and one of the ways you’ll experience that is our drag-and-drop functionality. Drag a lead to a new stage in the sales cycle, and a set of automations goes to work to help you close the deal!

I’M NOT TECH SAVVY: Sarah Copeland reported, “I’m so excited about Agent CRM! Where have you been all my life? 🤣 My husband and I are pretty low tech. I can’t believe how much we were missing out on!” We helped Sarah and her husband get setup on 1-to-1 expert help calls.

Mobile App

WORK FROM ANYWHERE: The Agent CRM mobile app empowers you to work from anywhere in the world, on any device, and have access to the entire Agent CRM infrastructure. Download from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play store.

CALL, TEXT, EMAIL, AND MORE: You can call out, receive calls, send text messages, respond to emails, and manage your sales pipelines from your mobile app. Our app continues to get better and better, putting the power of our system in your hand.

INSTANT NOTIFICATIONS: Experience the power of instant notifications on our mobile app, keeping you informed about new leads, incoming text messages, and team alerts in real-time, empowering you to respond promptly and capture every opportunity.


WE PLAY NICE WITH OTHERS: Agent CRM can send and receive data with any CRM or marketing platform you’re using now. Our team can help you set up data sync to make sure your entire tech stack is working off the same data.

ZAPIER APP READY TO GO: The Agent CRM Zapier App helps you connect to thousands of other applications and tools.

SPEED-TO-LEAD (VENDORS): We have cultivated a great relationship with many lead vendors, from EverQuote to CABoom and more. Our goal is to get you in touch with the leads you’ve purchased FAST, and we can work with your vendor to do that.

Privacy and Security

WE ARE HIPPA COMPLIANT: HIPAA compliant software is crucial for insurance agents because it ensures the protection of sensitive client information, maintaining trust and compliance with legal standards.

24/7 SUPPORT TEAM: Get expert help with your privacy and security whenever you need it for no additional cost.

CALLS RECORDED, DATA SAVED: Having all calls recorded and client communications saved on one platform ensures comprehensive documentation, improves customer service, and provides a clear record for compliance and training purposes.

Your Agent CRM Account is Customized To Your Needs for Your Product, Your Team and Your Daily Usage.

We help you scale!

Agent CRM Is The Best Sales and Marketing Platform for Agents and Their Teams

We're more than just a simple CRM software. We help you scale and grow your business with cutting-edge marketing and sales strategies tailored specifically for agents and their teams.

  • We have the systems to distribute leads to agents on your downline (“round robin”).

  • AgentAI can be trained to instantly answer incoming customer questions received via email, text or social profiles.

  • Three-line power dialer available for call centers who need more.

  • Add your assistants without paying extra for them.

  • Duplicate what’s working for you to all of the agents in your downline so they can focus on selling (and not building out the system).

  • Our recruitment automations help grow your team and keep your onboarding process moving.

Complete Marketing Campaigns!

Complete Marketing Campaigns and Pre-Built Operations Automation Setup!

We Live, Breathe, and Build Insurance Marketing Software. We’ve Included Everything You Need to See Quick Wins

We provide complete marketing snapshots to import instantly into your new Agent CRM Account! These marketing snapshots contain: professionally designed funnels, pre-written emails, scheduled text messages, sales pipelines, and more!

What if I don’t know

how to set all of this up?

No problem! Our Growth Engineers will help you setup your account so that it works to grow your business. Agent CRM is fully customizable for your business. Right after you complete the onboarding process, you’ll be invited to a private, free call with your assigned growth engineer and they will help you get your account setup. It’s that easy!

What if I don’t know how to set all of this up?

No problem! Our tech experts are available to help you setup your account so that it works to grow your business. Agent CRM is fully customizable for your business.

Right after you complete the onboarding process, you’ll be invited to a private, free call with your account consultant and they will help you find your next steps to get your account setup. It’s that easy!

Did you know… we’re giving EVERYTHING AWAY FOR FREE???

Get a 14-Day Free Trial of Agent CRM

It’s TRUE. We’re not even going to ask you for a single $1.

Everything we have for you inside of your new Agent CRM account is working RIGHT NOW. When you sign up, you get your account setup, all features unlocked, and you’re invited to schedule an onboarding call with our team. On that onboarding call we will help you get your account setup to your needs, so that you can grow your business FAST.

If you decide to keep your account after your 14-day free trial, you’ll be put on our basic subscription plan at $97.00 per month. This price includes ALL features you see here on this page (no “gotchas” or gimmicks with us) and you get access to all of our free support.

  • 24/7 Live Chat Support

  • Email Support

  • Call Us! Phone Support

  • Facebook Group of Users

  • Daily LIVE Zoom Calls All Day!

How Your Free Trial Works

DAY 1:

Get instant access to the software and SIX marketing courses.


Your onboarding is quick, easy and (dare we say) fun.

Day 13:

We’ll remind you with an email that your free trial is ending.

Day 14:

You’ll be charged $97 using the credit card you enter in.

No Other Software gives you as much bang for your buck

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About Agent CRM? 

Agent CRM is an AI-Powered customer relationship manager built by Alex Branning and his team to help insurance agents with their marketing campaigns.

It has been embraced by agents around the country and is now the fastest-growing sales and marketing platform for insurance agents!