With your Agent CRM account we include your first 100 hours of "time" per month, at no cost! Time is calculated based on the following:

  • 1 Text = 1 Minute
  • ​1 Voicemail = 1 Minute
  • ​Call Time Minutes = # of minutes (a 3 minute call = 3 minutes of time)

Once you reach those limits you will get charged 2 cents per minute for every minute you go over 100 hours.

Please note that with text messages (both incoming and outgoing) we are charged per "segment". Messages are still sent in 140 byte chunks known as message segments. Segments are broken up so that your words are not "cut off", so if you type in a 120-character greeting, followed by a long URL, and end your message with a 120-character salutation... that message will be delivered as three segments so that your URL is delivered in its entirety. These segment delivery rules are NOT set by Agent CRM, these are universal rules that are set by carriers.

You can use this app to check specific messages ahead of time: CHARACTER CALCULATOR


The way that Agent CRM is able to send text messages and make phone calls is by integrating with Twilio. Your Agent CRM account is connect with our Twilio account. Every text message that you send and every phone call that you make costs us money. We have a very high Twilio bill each and every month. When you go over your free 100 hours, the reason we charge you is because we are getting charged by Twilio (sending texts and making phone calls is not free). We are NOT charging you so that we can make a profit. We are charging you because we are losing money at that point. For example, you are paying $47/month for Agent CRM. If you rack up a $200 Twilio bill, then we have no choice but to charge you. 

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